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The basic requirement for a louvre is to move air in and around a building, thereby creating added comfort and convenience for better living. ALU+ louvres come in various blade types and numerous frame choices that allow their use as an integral part of a window system or separately as a stand-alone louvre.

Blades and frame are made from extruded aluminium for greater strength and accuracy. Our Louvres come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We don’t just make Rectangular Louvres. We also manufacture Circular, Arched, Trapezoidal and Triangular louvres. We can also produce unusual, bespoke designs unique to specific jobs.



steel_louvreSteel Louvres

Many commercial buildings have rooms (boiler rooms, electrical rooms, plant rooms etc) which need to be screened, secured or ventilated or even a combination of all these factors.

Our steel louvres are designed to perform at levels similar to our medium louvre system (MLS50) while having the added benefit of a higher level of security.



Adjustable_louvreAdjustable Louvres

Our ALU+ range of adjustable louvres are designed to suit customers specific needs when a controllable source of airflow is required. It's variety of fitting options make it a highly flexible product which is suitable for most types of applications.

All our adjustable louvres are bespoke sizes and have a range of control's available. All enquiries are welcome.




window_ventsWindow Ventilation

The logical consequence of seamless method of construction and airtight windows to avoid unnecessary heat loss is that the vital exchange of air is not always guaranteed.

Inadequate ventilation may create unhygienic living conditions (carbon dioxide, water vapour, odours from building materials, people, etc.).

The ALU+ range of window ventilation systems offers occupants the required constant-flow ventilation.



tamper_proofTamper Proof Louvre

The primary function of this louvre is to enhance security while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance, it is ideal for protecting against opportunist theft and acts of vandalism.

The interlocking blades make it really difficult for them to be removed without specialist equipment and it has an integrated mesh which stops anybody from removing the protection from any insects, vermin etc.



door_louvreDoor Louvre

The door louvre is most commonly used to replace external wooden doors.

The fixings are concealed which help safety and security while maintaining its ease of fitting. Most commonly used in ground floor applications such as plant rooms, electrical sub stations etc